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"All magic, it goes without saying, is illusion.
The effect of the illusion is how it appears to the audience.
The preparation for the illusion is everything - from the crimping of a card to the practicing of ten thousand hours.
If the preparation has been sufficient and proper, then the execution of the illusion is inexorable:
before you're even started, the work is done.

By the great ones, and I would be lying if I didn't include myself, magic is the ultimate entertainment:
they, the audience will never forget you, or hold you less than kindly in their hearts.
What I'm saying, all you beginners out there, is this:
you do it right, they can't love you enough............"

Merlin, Jr.

Ventriloquism is magic.
Ventriloquists appear to bring inanimate objects to life, is there anything more magical?
So the above quote pertains to ventriloquism specifically as much as it pertains to "magic" generally.
By following what Paul Stadelman teaches in the PDF file available here, based on his book,
"Ventriloquism Of Today", you will indeed have the proper and sufficient preparation needed.
So learn and enjoy.


UPDATE (about book & sound files): Dec 6, 2010

Once upon a time, I had created a windows help file of the instructional text from Paul's book.
I just recently found out that newer windows no longer supports help files, so I created a PDF file of the instructional text from the book.
Also, as mentioned on Paul's main page, I have a couple of short sound files, one of just Paul and one of Paul & Windy.

Unfortunately, it seems I can longer have those loaded on this site for people to just click and download unless I pay for the space,
so if you are interested in either the PDF file, or the sound files, just email me at the address below, and I will reply with them attached to my email
(please note: I try to check the email regularly, but it's not every day, so if you don't get it immediately, don't think I've ignored your request).

Thank you.

I have the audio tape version of this course available on audio cd.
(The very end of the tape was been clipped in the transfer, but it was either that or make two cds out of it - the lessons are complete,
it just lost a couple minutes of Paul summing up with telling you to practice - but you already know to do that.)
(Also, please note, it's not a fancy production with a label, it will just be a CD with "Ventriloquism of Today" written on it.)

If you are interested in a copy of the audio cd, just email me at the address below.
I'd appreciate a few dollars to help cover the cost of the blank CD, case, mailer and shipping (within the U.S. only), but if that's too much, just ask.
Obviously, for a few dollars, I'm not out to make money on it, and I wouldn't want a few dollars to keep someone from being able to have a copy if they are interested.

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