Paul Stadelman

Ventriloquism Plus TV Ticklers

Ventriloquism Plus TV Ticklers

Table Of Contents

The Author and Windy
Picture of Paul & Windy.
Television Tribulations
"As told by Windy Higgins." (Windy tells about getting TV show.)
To The Reader
Paul's Intro to the book.
The Ventriloquial Voice
Basics of developing vent voice.
Figure Manipulation
Basics of manipulation.
Finding The Right Voice
Finding a natural voice and handling the soft labials.
The Art Of Imperceptible Speech
Handling the hard labials.
Misdirection And Psychology
The basics of misdirection.
Selection Of Material
Getting your routine together.
Close Up Ventriloquism
Keeping the illusion.
Showmanship And Publicity
Being professional and publicity basics.
The Distant Voice
Creating the distant voice.
Television Technique
Performing for TV.
Presenting The Act
Performance position and entrance.
Tricks Of The Trade
Eating, drinking, etc.
The Curtain Falls
Publicity Photographs
Press Clipping
Publicity Photographs
Television Routines
19 Routines from Paul & Windy's TV show.
Ron told me that at the time, the shows were only 15 minutes long and these were complete routines from thw shows. I've added one below.

Please Note:Again, I'm certain my few word or one line descriptions aren't doing the contents of the book justice, but in order to do that, I'd have to write a book.

Dialogue No. 17 from "Ventriloquism Plus TV Ticklers" by Paul Stadelman
(I didn't pick this specific dialogue from the book because I thought it was the "best", etc., frankly, my sole motivation was to choose the one that looked like it would require the least amount of typing.)

P: Windy, I have a new hobby.
W: What's that, girls?
P: Don't say that.
W: Why, is your wife listening?
P: No, I am studying hypnotism.
W: At your age, you should study rheumatism.
P: Hypnotism is the science of one mind controlling the thoughts of another.
W: That's not hypnotism.
P: No?
W: That's marriage.
P: I'm going to put you to sleep. Look me in the eye.
W: Which one?
P: Come on. Close your eyes.
Windy closes one eye.
P: Come on, both eyes.
Windy closes both eyes half way.
P: You only have your eyes half shut.
W: That's as far as I trust you.
(Windy opens one eye while Paul is not looking. Every time Paul looks at him, he shuts both eyes, and when Paul looks away, he opens one eye, keeping on playing for laughs.)
P: Come on, look into my eyes. What do you see?
W: Stupidity.
P: (Waves hand in front of Windy's eyes). You are going to sleep, sleep, sleep.
W: I'm hungry.
P: Hungry?
W: I always have a snack before I go to sleep.
P: You are under my control. Raise your arm. Now drop it.
(Windy raises and lowers arm).
P: Now, raise your leg.
(Windy raises leg).
P: Now lend me five dollars.
W: That's going too far.
P: Are you trying to make a monkey out of me?
W: Why should I take the credit.
P: How long can anyone live without brains?
W: I don't know. How old are you?
P: I want you to know that I'm not so dumb. I live by my wits.
W: Don't you get awfully hungry?
P: Into the woodshed for you!

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