Paul Stadelman

Ventriloquism Of Today

Ventriloquism Of Today

Table of Contents

Paul's Intro
The Origin Of Ventriloquism
Brief mention of vent origin & brief intro about learning vent.
The Therapeutic Value Of Ventriloquism
How vent does help some people.
The Psychology Of Ventriloquism
Some continuation of the previous chapter and some things to keep in mind when creating the illusion.
Physiology Of The Speech Organs Used In Ventriloquism
Self explanatory - how tongue, mouth etc., come in to play when doing vent.
The Near Ventriloquial Voice
Physiology continued - specifically the near vent voice.
The Near Distant Voice
Physiology continued - specifically the near-distant voice.
The Distant Voice
Physiology continued - specifically the distant voice.
(This looks like a lot on Physiology, but is actually only a couple of pages.)
Humming Droning And Buzzing
Chapter focuses mainly on buzzing, the basis of Paul's method.
Developing The Ventriloquial Voice
The what, how, and why it works.
The Art Of Imperceptible Speech
Covers lip movement and the soft labials.
Learning The Labial Letters
Covers working on the hard labials.
Manipulation And Animation
Manipulation of the vent figure.

I had to quote the following from this chapter as I always get a kick out of it when I read it, (if Paul could see what the prices are today......)
"A professional size dummy, carved from wood to your specifications as to features, color of hair and eyes, and neatly dressed with suit and leather shoes can be bought for less than one hundred dollars."

The Dummy Talks And Sings
Some basic practice dialog, but mostly focuses on vent figure singing.
The Distant Voice
What it is and how to develop it.
Presenting The Act.
Beginning performing, performance position, opening & closing.
Tricks Of The Trade
Eating and drinking, etc.
Creating A Character
Giving your figure their own character.
Selecting Material
Getting your routine together.
The Art Of Polyphony
Creating sound effects - ventriloquially.
Impromptu Ventriloquism
Things to do when you don't have your figure with you.
The Path To Perfection
Emphasizing practice to perfect your ability.

There should be another chapter listed here, I think, which should be labeled publicity. It covers publicity ideas, do's and don'ts, with many examples of publicity Paul was able to obtain.

Please Note: I'm certain my few word or one line descriptions aren't doing the contents of the book justice, but in order to do that, I'd have to write a book.

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