Windy Higgins

Ventriloquial Figure

Windy Higgins.
Paul Stadelman's wooden ventriloquial partner.

With the "guiding hand" of Paul Stadelman at his back, Windy Higgins had a very distinguishing career as a ventriloquial figure.
While other figure's may be known for the ventriloquist they associate with, Windy, by Paul's design, was almost an "entity" unto himself.
So, as a result of the strong, "out front" identity that Paul created for Windy, it only seemed appropriate that Windy Higgins have his own page.
(And although I've never met Windy, I'm sure he would have expected nothing less.)

Edit 5/12/17: I am happy to report that Ron Stadelman has donated Windy to Vent Haven museum.

I guess I should start with Windy's creation.

"....Charlie Mack who carved Windy Higgins in 1913......"

"The original cost for the head alone was thirty-five dollars, later I had eyelids installed, and a cigarette smoking attachment, and a better wig. The body I made myself, and installed the hand shake movement."

"His eyes are regular optical eyes, such as are used by humans who need an artificial eye.......", (which, by the way, were non-moving).

(Quotes from "Ventriloquism Of Today" by Paul Stadelman)

I thought this interesting too, as this probably isn't done too much any more;
"The name "Windy Higgins" as applied to a ventriloquial figure, puppet, or marionette, is protected by U.S. Copyright Class K1 No. 38955, January 25, 1939."

Windy Higgins was the first (if not only) ventriloquial figure to run for public office.
He officially filed for the Democratic nomination to run for governor of Kentucky, and recieved a 143 write-in votes in the election.

Below, are a few items from the newspapers at the time. Some may not be legible even with zooming in with a graphics program, my apologies, but they are old, (and they are much more legible in Paul's book).

Windy also holds membership card #1 in the BVD
(Brotherhood of Ventriloquist Dummies).

Here are a few of Windy's headlines;

The very first time I talked to Ron, I asked him if he could snap a current picture of Windy for the pages so I'd have a color shot of him since everything that was taken "back when" was in black & white, and he sent me these;

Windy and Windy with Ron.

First picture below: Ron and I both attended the 2005 Vent Haven Convention where the three of us got to meet.
Second picture below: Windy in his case, (obviously).
Windy's case allowed him to be placed without having to fold his legs or take the head off, and it appears to be very protective.
The case was also just the right height to serve as a performance stand.
Just another example of Paul's clever thinking.

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