It is with incredible sadness, Hannibal notes the loss of his dear friend and creator, Rick Price on August 24th, 2002
Although usually not at a loss for words, the only comment Hannibal can offer at this time is that Rick will be greatly missed.

I decided the time had come for Hannibal to join his brothers and sisters at the haven for ventriloquial figures, Vent Haven Museum.
While I will miss having Hannibal here with me, I am glad that he will be at the museum where everyone who visits will get to see and appreciate Rick's fine creation.
Near the bottom of this page, I added 6 photos I took just before packing him up to go to the museum.

Hannibal is a unique character, not quite a "chip off an old block", no, Hannibal came from a different "mold".
A true southern gentleman, a throwback to the old south, who still refers to Jefferson Davis as "Mr. President".
Hannibal has been heard to proudly proclaim;
"Figure a man's only good for one oath at a time.... I took mine to the Confederate States of America."
(Don't bother mentioning that's a line from a John Wayne movie, he'll tell you it was stolen from him.)
Hannibal claims he's from Hannibal, Missouri.
No, he wasn't named after the town, it was named after him (of course).
His wisdom is born of life rather than books. Hannibal says that the only writer worth reading is Mark Twain, claiming to have been a close personal friend. "Why it was me who taught young Samuel, Mark Twain to the rest of you, how to spin a good yarn", (although this is hard to figure when hearing Hannibal tell a story).

If you ask Hannibal how he's managed to find himself so far from home, living on yankee soil, he quickly replies;
"Well now son, you've come to the heart of my misfortune!"

As you can imagine, it can be rather interesting having a partner such as Hannibal.
He has very definite ideas about the way things ought to be, and has little patience for my "yankee ways".
Hannibal refers to me as a copperhead* and makes it clear that is all that makes me tolerable.
Once I tried to tell Hannibal what to do, he quickly replied, "I only take orders from one man!"

But when all is said and done, Hannibal is a great partner, (as long as I agree with everything he says).

*A nickname applied to a person in the Northern States who sympathized with the South during the Civil War.

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