I am a ventriloquist, and in the words of the late, great, Paul Stadelman;
"...........I'd like to explain to you that I'm a ventriloquist.
And a ventriloquist, as you know, is a man who talks to himself and gets paid for it.....
sometimes............." 8^)

But practicing the art of ventriloquism is something I do for my own pleasure.
Sometimes I will perform for a charitable purpose, sometimes for pay,
or sometimes just for the fun of it, but always for my own enjoyment.

    Let me first introduce the "Dickens Family";

    Hannibal Dickens / Rick Price (now residing at Vent Haven)
    Moony Dickens / David Boiano (now residing at Vent Haven)
    Rudy P. Dickens / David Boiano
    Timmy Dickens / David Boiano
    Joey Dickens / Jim Manalli
    Cody Dickens / Jeff Golc
    DJ Dickens / Wallace Kindig
    Albert E. Dickens / Kristin L.
    Dexter Dickens / Brown/Kimbro
    Paul M. Dickens / R.J. Scott
    Dondi Dickens / Craig Lovik
    Scotty Dickens / Jerry Layne
    Buddy Dickens / Dan Payes
    Joshua Dickens / Dan Payes
    Terry Dickens / Clinton Detweiler
    Johnny Dickens / Steve Meltzer
    Andy Dickens / Dan Payes (not pictured)

And here are a few picks of the "family";
(click on the pictures of Hannibal to see his own webpage)
(click on the picture of Moony & Rudy to see the MoonHead story)

Note: Terry is for sale.
Made by Clinton Detweiler in the early 70's using George Eazer style brass mechanics.
In addition to moving mouth and eyes, he has winkers/blinkers and raising eyebrows.
I am only the second owner and he is completely all original including his clothing.
The price is 975. shipped (firm & conus only).
Email below for more details and pics (please note, I do not check this mailbox as regularly).

Got this great little figure at the 2014 convention;

This is something I've been wanting to do for a number of years and finally got it done - had my own coin made;

Here's a project that's been on my mind for years and I finally got to it, wrote my own short book,
a fictional story about one figure's journey to his ventriloquial heaven, 5-7-15.

(click on the picture of the book to purchase a copy)

Here's DJ posing with his new book, his poster and his own personal size copy of his book;

When it comes to figures, I enjoy this quote by Shari Lewis;
".....you don't make a puppet talk. You allow a puppet to talk.
You can't make them talk a certain way........the trouble with many puppets is that their characters and voices have been forcefully superimposed on them by their owners.
It doesn't work that way."

The ventriloquist pictured below is Paul Stadelman, with his main figure, Windy Higgins.
It was with his book, "Ventriloquism Of Today", that I learned ventriloquism, and for me,
it is still the best instruction for anyone interested in learning the art of ventriloquism.

(click on the picture of Paul & Windy to see their webpages)

Scotty's Vent Figure Registry
(The Vent Figure Registry is no longer active.
I've left it up as some might still find it interesting to look at.)
(click on Scotty's picture to go to the Registry)

Ventriloquism - A Good Excuse For Talking To Yourself.

dickensndave @ comic.com

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My webhost offered a free webjournal, or blog as they are often called, so I figured I try it.
Although I'm not much of a blogger so there aren't many regular posts.

Free Web Journal from Bravenet.com

Some years ago, I did a little on line article on the use of stands, which you can see here;
To Stand or Not To Stand, That Was The Question.

Here is my story of how I became a ventriloquist:

I decided to become a ventriloquist.
I learned that being a ventriloquist involves substituting certain sounds and the way they are made, and that one of the challenges is to do this and still speak clearly.
A speech therapist suggested putting marbles in my mouth and practicing speaking clearly with them there.
I bought a large supply of marbles and did this extensively, usually while I was taking my daily walk.
Of course, occassionally I would stutter or choke and have to spit a marble or two out, and often I couldn't find them.
However, I persevered and, sure enough, just about the time I had lost all my marbles, I became a ventriloquist.

Note from Dave:
At the risk of sounding like I'm bragging, Being much more advanced than others, I lost my marbles way before I learned ventriloquism.

Ventriloquism Is Just Like Life, You Spend A Lot Of Time Talking To Dummies.

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